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MetaGen Data Challenge

Do you want to earn some NCR while doing fun stuff you enjoy, and at the same time contribute to science and the future? Well, then you may wanna participate in the following challenge^^ We need your help to train a really awesome AI!

The MetaGen Data Challenge is the first initiative to engage social VR users in AI research, so that they can contribute to it, and benefit from it. For the challenge, we are looking for people who want to record their VR activities and share them to a public dataset for AI research. We will be using the MetaGen Recording tool, and will be offering two bounties for the first people to reach certain milestones:

The idea is that if you do acting, roleplaying, streaming, playing social games, dancing, etc., then you can do any of those things, and use the bot to record them (which is as easy as pressing a couple of buttons, as explained int the video). Below, I’ll explain in more detail what kind of things it would be interesting to record (from the perspective of being useful/fun for an AI to learn from), as well as how to use the tool in more detail.

General and social activities category

This is intended to be a very broad category, but with an emphasis on social activities, but also “active” games. Examples of things that count:

Examples of things that don’t count:

I mean some of these can be in the recordings, but they shouldn’t account for the majority of the recorded time.

Tip: I think a good idea is to participate in this while you are streaming. That way you already have the expectation that what you are doing is public, and many people stream social activities too (e.g. podcasts):)

Dance category

This one is much more straightforwad. The only requirement is: Full body tracking, and to enjoy dancing^^


For each of the categories, you can enter the challenge as one person or as a group. You will need to organize yourselves for this, and tell me who your group is so that I can check the total time for the group. The reward will be shared among the group of people. The max group size is 5. For example, if 5 people participated in the first category as a group, then each of them will only need to record 5h (or some may do more, some may do less), and each would get 100NCR (or you can share it however you wish too).

The exact same rules apply as to what kind of content counts for each category, whether participating as a person or in a group.

You don’t need to tell me now whether you are participating as a group, but you will need to, if you are claiming the price.

Details on how to do the recordings

You can check this video for a quick tutorial on how to use the tool. Note that in the current version the baked animation will not be produced (unless you check the checkbox “Generate Animation”), so that if you leave the tool recording for a long time or with many people, it wont spawn large animation objects.

Here are some more details

There is also a version of the puglin you can use locally, but which doesn’t allow you to connect to sessions with people who are not running the plugin. If you want to use the local version, let me know (@guillefix on twitter or guillefix#5692 on discord), and I’ll explain how to use it. You can also check the source code here if you are programmer.

Also do contact me about any bugs, problems, ideas, or feedback about the bot!


Hopefully this is just the first of many more fun activities and challenges at the intersection between AI and the metaverse! More rewards and things will come to participants:) I will also list anyone who has donated to the public dataset on the acknowledgments of a sientific publication which presents the dataset.

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